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Мы бандито, гангстерито

В продолжение темы. Юстас - Алексу:

(...) the issue that will come up one day anyway, so I bring it up now, to avoid future misunderstandings.

I run a website about Irish button accordion, it is. And I extensively use the fact that it's still more or less OK to ignore the copyright stuff here in Russia: this website is full of Irish music, books and accordion tutors of all kinds - all pirated and available to download for free. Your "B/C Button Accordion Foundation" set of video lessons from is there too, in "tutors & tunebooks" section: When you hear someone talking about your video lessons here, it's likely that these were not bought from, but downloaded from my website.

To make it clear: I do not make money with this, the only purpose of this project is to promote Irish traditional music in general and Irish button accordion in particular. And I do not want to break anyone's business, so - some precautions are made to prevent non-Russian-speaking people from discovering my website. When someone googles for "Dáire Mulhern - B/C Button Accordion Foundations", he won't find the page.

I hope that does not offend you or something.

Алекс - Юстасу:

I'm not offended by the pirated material on your website. If it helps you spread the music that's good.

Все бы так! И к тому же:

I'd like you to know that while i'm in moscow I'm giving private box lessons and private English lessons. If you or anyone you know is interested you can share my email and ask them to contact me.

Мне сейчас не надо, у меня билеты в ирландию на руках, а остальным скажу: гармонисты москвы и окрестностей! Петербурга и воронежа, в частности. Пользуйтесь уникальным шансом. Дара - крутой.
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