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The history and meaning of "ни фига себе"

The history and meaning of “ни фига себе”. What exactly does фиг mean?
What is the difference between “теперь” and “сейчас”?
Чем отличается “сырой” от “мокрый”?
Why “подруга”, not “друга”?
What is feminine form of “борец”? I thought it was "борыня" but was corrected
What is the difference between дыра and дырка?
Gender and forms of “рыба-кит”
Значение слова “политота”
What's the difference between “дети бегают по магазину” and “дети бегают в магазине”?
What does the acronym “КПЗ” stand for?
Difference between “открыл” and “открывал”
Is there any difference between “потому что” and “потому как”?
What do I call somebody being a smart ass in Russian?
Why do “наддать” and “поддать” have the same meaning?
Swearing: “пошёл на …” vs. “иди на …”

И многие другие внезапные вопросы о русском языке (и ответы на них!) на Второй час читаю запоем. :-)
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