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Низкие материи

Отвлечёмся, пожалуй, от революционной тематики, и продолжим изучение вопроса "кто из нас двоих индус". Продолжение переписки:

18 ноября, Madhav Sarda:

We are pleased to inform you that a parcel containing your ordered teas have been send through India post EMS vide docket no: (...) dated 17.11.2011. Please inform us when you receive the parcel.

1 декабря, я:

The package has arrived today.

I would like to inform you that of 8 (eight) ordered teas only 6 (six) were present. The package did not look damaged in any way, and it was packed well with foam plastic with no empty space. So, it does not look like the missing items were stolen/lost at mail, that's how the package was packed. Here are the ones which were missing: (...)

How would you comment that?

1 декабря, Madhav Sarda:

Thank you for the information. We are looking into the matter in details and will get back to you shortly.

6 декабря, я:

So, what was the result of your investigation?

8 декабря, я:

Do I get it right that you just stole some tea and aren't going to say "sorry"? :-)

8 декабря, Madhav Sarda:

We are extremely sorry for the inconvinience. We are looking into the matter and getting back to you shortly.

И с тех пор тишина.

Зато в коробку с чаем был вложен компакт-диск с художественным свистом в исполнении этого Мадава Сарды. "Mesmerising Melodies", ага. :-)

Upd: справедливости ради, внезапно пришёл таки ещё ответ.

Hence we requesting you that we are keeping your USD 22.50 and we will adjust the amount of tea in your next order of USD 75,as cost of sending the same is too costly for us.We cannot do the partial refund .

Please confirm the same.

Waiting for your soonest reply.

Ответил, что покупать что-либо у них впредь не планирую, и что они могут поступить с деньгами по своему разумению.
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